Kelley’s Korner: Where Did the Semester Go?

Kelley’s Korner: Where Did the Semester Go?

By Kelley Ware, Finance Manager

It seemed like just yesterday we were in September; the semester was just beginning. Now it is the end of November; deadlines and exams are creeping around the corner. The most important things for a student to do at this time are to breathe, relax, and stay focused. Finals and assignments are not the end of the world. We got through midterms and other assignments, we can get through these as well. Just do not panic!

It is also very easy to think that because the semester moved by so quickly, nothing really happened. Remember, time flies when you are having fun and there were plenty of great things that happened at UNBC this semester. Here is a quick summary of some of the great things that happened this semester (so you can end the semester happily):

This year’s Backyard Barbeque was a good time thanks to the NUGSS coordinators who set it up. The bands were a ton of fun and the crowd was definitely high-energy that night. The after parties were also a great way to end the night, with people going to both the Generator and LAMBDA Cabaret. Partying with The Wild after their set was also an added bonus.

Clubs Week and Shinerama were also a success this year. It is always nice to see people take an interest in the various organizations on campus. The same goes for Shinerama; it is awesome to see so many students help fight Cystic Fibrosis and have fun doing it. The weather also was warm, which made raising money even more enjoyable out in the sun.

A more OTE specific event that happened in October was WPNCUP. OTE hosted the Western, Prairies, and Northern Regional Canadian University Press Conference where delegates from BC to Saskatchewan came to drink (a lot) and to listen to various speakers talk about journalism and media. It was a great success and a ton of fun. Getting UNBC and Prince George’s names out to a more national audience in such a positive way is a huge plus in our eyes.

Halloween also went over very well this year. I am so used to seeing only a small percentage of students dressed up, and an even smaller handful dressed up well. This year we actually had a great proportion of the students dressed up and enjoying themselves on Halloween. Watching the Costume contests and pumpkin carving was very fun, and parties later that night just made the day even better.

There have also been many Pub Nights hosted by various clubs around campus. Student parties hosted by students usually are a great time. We have a lovely staff at The Thirsty Moose who treat us all well, which makes everything that much better – tell them how much you appreciate them!

And finally, the NUGSS AGM went better than it has in the past few years. Sure, there were a large amount of questioning and debate, but that is something that should happen anyways. Quorum was reached very quickly this year, which is a great sign that people are more interested in their student society than they were in past years. In the eyes of a political science student, that is a great sign!

So, all in all, we had a pretty fantastic semester. I’m glad to have shared it with you. Thank you for reading Over the Edge, we work really hard on it, and thank you for reading my little ramblings. It is very encouraging to know that you all enjoy it. Good luck on your finals, enjoy your winter vacation, and see you in the new year!