Kelley’s Korner: Welcome Back to January Craziness

Kelley’s Korner: Welcome Back to January Craziness

by Kelley Ware, Finance Manager

The new semester has begun! It is hard to think that it has been over a month since our last issue. So much has happened since then: final exams, final assignments, Christmas, and New Years. It has been an exciting time this last month. If you are anything like me, finals and last assignments were stressed over and you were checking your UNBC account religiously to find any updates on your grades. Then you were finally done. It was time to just go home and spend time with family and friends. Maybe you were lucky like I was and went on a trip for your break. Either way, hopefully you enjoyed your time off and are ready to start the new semester.

It is always an interesting time in January. A new semester comes with new classes and new classes come with new routines. The university experience begins again. For some people, January is a busy time with not just classes, but activities beginning again after the holidays. Sports and clubs are kicking off once again. Not only do I have my new classes, but clubs and dance are all starting back up. I also have two separate conferences (because January is evidently conference month) to attend.

As this issue is circulating and you are reading it, Shelley our Editor in Chief; Jasmine the Copy Editor; Isabelle the Production Coordinator; and myself are all in Edmonton for NASH, the national conference for Canadian University Press. This conference brings together student newspapers from all over the country. With speakers, panels, discussions, and commissions to attend and be part of, we are hoping we will be able to bring back some valuable information and tips to make Over the Edge even better. These should include writing and design tips to show ways to improve the overall look and content of the paper. As well, the particular theme this year should provide me with good insight and tips to the business side of the paper to make it run more smoothly. With luck, I will learn more financial tips to provide the biggest bang for our buck.

Hopefully your January will be as good as mine. Maybe a little less busy, but good. As well, hopefully this semester will be even better than the last for you, for myself, and for our newspaper.