Introduction – Your New Multimedia Reporter

Hi all,

Welcome to Over the Edge newspaper! Well, the digital format of it anyway…

I have just been hired as your newest multimedia reporter, so I thought I would do a little introduction to you about myself and what I hope to achieve in my own little corner of this website.

First off, I will say a little about myself. My name is Jon White and I graduated from UNBC in 2011, with a major in English and a minor in Political Science. I have a massive interest in media studies (video games, movies and tv shows etc.), but I will be trying to cover a variety of topics. I also plan on keeping up with local events and keeping up with coverage of places you should be checking out in town. I also have recently started dabbling with stand-up comedy in town, so you can look forward to me plugging some of the local talent and places in Prince George. 

I loved my time at UNBC and I always enjoyed reading Over the Edge, so it is a pleasure and an honour to be writing for you all. If you have any suggestions for things you’d like me to cover, please fire us an email and let us know. I’m looking forward to an eventful start to 2014!