Intro from SLO’s: School is Important, Games are Importanter!

Andrew Ford | Vice President, Nerdy Gaming Club

Ever want to kick back and relax for an evening without worrying about that paper that’s due? Ever feel like celebrating that exam that you totally probably passed? Ever just want a break? The Nerdy Gaming Club is a longstanding fixture of the UNBC Landscape and serves all of these purposes! We’re not an academic club, and that’s pretty awesome! When you’re tired of group projects and would rather hog all of the resources in Settlers of Catan, we’re here for you! When you look outside and see the mountains of snow and just want to play some Magic, we’re here!

The Nerdy Gaming Club is just what it sounds like and so much more. We meet every Wednesday in the April Price board room from 5pm until late, and I mean really late! But we don’t care about attendance, we don’t care about telling you what to do to study better. We’re just a bunch of fellow students who like board games, card games, video games, collectibles, sci fi, fantasy, and generally anything Nerdy. What really makes the Nerdy Gaming Club special is that we’re a completely relaxed club that is all about hanging out and doing the things that we like (even if you just like leaving blue mana open for that counter spell…). Bring by your favorite games and find people to play with, or learn someone else’s game!

Still not sure if the Nerdy Gaming Club is for you? Come stop by and see for yourself what we do, there’s no pressure to join and we understand that students have busy, chaotic lives and sometimes that means that games come after homework.

Things that you can look forward to by the Nerdy Gaming Club:

–          Staying up late and playing board games

–          Playing Magic the Gathering

–          Meeting new like-minded people

–          Learning new board games

–          Beer and Board Games pub night!

–          Treachery, deceit, lying, and cunning battles of wits

–          Making alliances, forging bonds, and trusting others with your very life