Humanity, A Lost Quality

Emmanuel Drame | Contributor

I am an inherent word for creatures I thought knew and valued me….

I have lost my place; my name resonates only with chaos and conflict….

I lost my place because humans placed irrelevant issues above me.…

I unite differences across every spectrum of life; they are products of mine…Race,

Religion, Philosophy, Ideology, Culture, Ethnicity, Nationality, Geography and so on….


When people speak of me today, I bow in shame because I have become a cry for help…the

last instead of the first resort to action….

People try to appease their sense of ‘humanity’ through philanthropy…

I have become a bargaining chip for self-aggrandizement….

No one can feel human without me…I admit I thought wrong there for a second…some people

feel more human than others….I guess that was where I lost my place…

I am a quality shared by all humans given my derivative as a word and definition, but my

Derivatives have forgotten all about me…

I am dead and buried in the heap of competition for dominance… it baffles me as to why

humans strive to dominate themselves, losing me in the process….

Humans greatest achievement thus far is how far beyond their sense of humanity they have



My loss as a quality is a carefully knitted fabric of cavalierity that has been perfectly woven

into how humans view their own plight…

Nature is a victim of my loss; preservation and conservation have been limited to here and

now….I am most appalled by the bureaucracy for their own existence…

In discussions about me, I am on the periphery instead of being the focus….

How we got here is simple….. Humanity lost its Quality!