How Would One Treat Thee, Misfortune?

Ace Schotel

A gentle touch, Of kind words against one’s heart, The want versus the reality Love or ice against thy fair heart Would she be greeted, As a long lost love, Given the admiration of a Queen In the presence of those who care I ask, how would one treat the? Misfortune I pray to know A gentle touch? Or an icy blade? Tell me Misfortune, Does the raven deserve less, Than the Robin? How would you treat thee? Misfortune, I beg to ask Why have you treated me, In this horrid way? Is it my speech, The fear in my heart, Is it my allure, Nervous ramblings, Or the way I fall apart? How would thou treat thee? Misfortune hear my plea, For you could treat me Like a queen, or a flea. How would thou treast thee?