How To Make The Most Of Your Summer Vacation

Jade Szymanski | Contributor

As the semester starts to come to an end, you can feel the tension in the halls of professors and students alike, who can see the end of the tunnel and are yearning for the summer days where responsibilities and stresses are at an all-time low compared to the workload experienced during the school year. Whether you have plans to travel or to work this summer, everyone can agree with summer comes a happiness and a sense of being freedom that just can’t be found in September to April. Take advantage of every opportunity for fun and adventure as these summers will be the ones you look back on in the future as the golden years for prime memories. Even though four months may seem like a long time, don’t be fooled, time will go by quickly and soon it will be September once more and you will have to return back to normal life with a strict routine and schedule that will revolve around naps and pounding back coffees during the week and cheap shitty beer on the weekends.

The first step to making the most of your summer is learning to wake up early. Sure, for the first week or so take advantage of getting to sleep in while being cuddled up in your queen size bed, something that would never be a possibility back in those dingy UNBC dorm rooms. However don’t get stuck in the trap of sleeping your days away as you are wasting prime time for adventuring or earning hard cold cash. Set your alarm to wake yourself up at the same time every day so that your body gets used to it. Enjoy the early sunrises, the chirping of the birds as you take the time to make a wholesome breakfast and maybe even add some meditation to your morning as well. Just because you’re waking up early doesn’t mean it has to be a stressful endeavor. During the school year we are used to rushed mornings as we hit the snooze button so that we can avoid going to class for a couple more minutes. During the summer however, take your time getting ready for the day and you’ll learn to have more positive connotations with waking up early.

Secondly, try to say yes to as many opportunities that come your way. If you want to focus your summer around work, try to apply for cool jobs that will help you gain experience and lifelong memories. Don’t be intimidated by the intensity or distance or risk of any summer job because essentially that’s just what it is- a summer job. They’re meant to be temporary and give you experiences that can’t be found during the rest of the year. If you see a job you might be interested in, just apply. It doesn’t mean you’ll get it but it also doesn’t mean you won’t. Open your doors to as many opportunities as you can and you’ll be grateful for it down the road. If your plan is to do some travelling this summer, try new activities or foods that you normally wouldn’t do. You find yourself in a beach town, try wakeboarding or parasailing. You find yourself in an exotic country, try some dish that has two “z”s in its name and experience a new culture. Summer is often a time for development and growth for young adolescents as you are free to decide to do whatever you want with your time. Don’t close yourself off to new opportunities or experiences just because of fear. Fear often holds us back; use summer as your sword to break through anything that may be keeping you from experiences the finer things in life.

As I’m sure each and every one of us has different plans and expectations this summer, we do all have one thing in common; to have fun, make memories, and grow. We can only achieve this if we take advantage of every moment and opportunity. Make the most of your days by waking up early and basking in as much sunlight that the safety of your skin can handle. Say yes and be up for trying new things, without breaking any laws, as much as you can. If you have those two things in the back of your mind, you will be sure to have the best summer of your life.