Grant’s Rant: TEDxUNBC: How We Reach Beyond Our Pond

Grant Bachand | Contributor

When I was thinking about what I was going to write for this issue of Over The Edge, I found it difficult, because so much of our world seems strange, and there are too many voices all talking about the same thing. It made me realize that the event I have spent over a year organizing is more important than ever these days. TEDxUNBC is an event which shares ideas worth spreading. We need ideas that are captivating, inspirational, and entertaining today more than ever. We need leaders who do not play to ideological biases but speak scientific truths.

TEDxUNBC is so much more than a TED event here in our community of Prince George; it is an opportunity. I have spent most my life in Prince George, and I have often wanted more for my community and myself. Often feeling let down by my community, I had come to resent it in many ways. Finally, I had a realization a few years ago: you can complain about something until you’re blue in the face, or you can actively move to change it. TEDxUNBC is a manifestation of that idea.

TEDxUNBC is a chance for Prince George leaders to contribute to the global community in a way that it has never done before. We have often been told by the world how to think, act, and live. By our community creating events like TEDxUNBC, we show the world that we too have world-class ideas and we are not afraid to show them.  We are not scared to be on a massive stage and promote ideas that may inspire people from London to New Delhi. This is our chance to stand up and say with a unified voice, “We will not be overlooked or underappreciated.”

It would be silly for me to say that an event like this is not hard to organize. This event took hundreds of hours of organizing by a team of students who ranged from first to fourth year, graduate students, alumni, and community leaders. I am proud to have lead this group of people, who in every respect, embody leadership and forward thinking. These people deserve more thanks than I can provide in one article, but be sure that I owe the success of this event to them. Without them, I would have been a big old blow hard ranting about improving Prince George and I could have very well gotten nowhere.

TEDxUNBC is an event that will have a legacy, and I hope that this event on Saturday, September 30 will not be our last. We will hold a fantastic event, learn from it, and do it again next year. This is where I ask all of you to join us at UNBC in the Student and Conference Centre on September 30 and be exposed to ideas worth spreading, even if you have not bought a ticket. We will have a trade show for free from 12:00 pm-3:00 pm and all are welcome. If you cannot be part of this year’s event, I ask you to join our TED community here in Prince George because there will always be next year.