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Production of Over the Edge is a fun process that requires all kinds of involvement, ranging from our own staff writers and photographers to volunteers and general employees. If you feel the same way we do about creating something newsworthy to be proud of, creative, and inspiring, let us know!

Currently Hiring!

(2) Writers Apply by January 31st 2019.


Volunteer opportunities include writing content, taking pictures, and spreading the word about what’s current and what isn’t being covered. Universities are peer-reviewed environments, and this publication is no different. Cartoons, interviews, campus problems, world problems, hockey, baseball, football, basketball, cooking, music, knitting, student advice, and life advice – all of these things are important to the student body. Give us ideas for integrating our news into social content, then share that content with the people you know!

Work For Us

Paid positions will be posted, so if you see one that you are interested in, please send a resume and cover letter to chairpersonote@gmail.com. 

All positions are reviewed and are subject to change; we expect editors to always be fulfilling their job titles. While you are allowed to be off-the-wall at OTE, there’s really no such thing as being off-the-clock. We have responsibilities to our readers and fans. Help us out and make this paper worth reading!

All staff are granted office access to our equipment, programs, and quiet workspace. In fact, there’s even a fridge. Just because a job doesn’t pay doesn’t mean it doesn’t pay off. Active members of the OTE community receive preference in OTE scholarships, along with all of the other perks you get from hanging around our office!



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