Find Maddy: Madison Scott Case Gets a New Approach

Maddison Scott

Find Maddy: Madison Scott Case Gets a New Approach

By Laura Mooney, Arts Editor

It is the case that nearly every British Columbian has had on their mind for three years, but now, the case of Madison Scott’s disappearance has expanded beyond the province and has begun to attract attention on a global level. When Scottish filmmaker Steve Scouller first heard the strange news story of twenty-year-old Madison Scott’s sudden disappearance from a camping trip in Vanderhoof, BC, he was immensely intrigued and knew that this was a story he wanted to explore further.

Released on 6 January 2014, the documentary entitled The Vanishing of Madison Scott focuses on the events that led up to her sudden disappearance, and features heartbreaking interviews with her family members and friends who are still living with the horror of not having Madison in their lives. The film focuses particularly on the specific events immediately before Madison’s vanishing on 28 May 2011, when she chose to attend a friend’s birthday at a well-known camping area near Vanderhoof called Hogsback Lake. From the stories featured in the film, one can come to understand that the trip was nothing short of ordinary until a large group of people who, none of whom anyone knew showed up unexpectedly. The morning after, Madison went missing.

While this haunting story has become common knowledge to those of us living a short distance away from the crime scene, filmmaker Scott Scouller is hoping that his film will allow the story of Madison Scott to spread to an even broader audience. In an interview with HQ Prince George, Scouller stated that his meeting with Madison’s family humbled him and he was very grateful that they were able to open up to him during such a traumatic time in their lives. Scouller also stated that while he himself finds Madison’s disappearance fascinating, he wants nothing more than to present the film in a way that will not only expose the story to a much larger audience, but will also hopefully lead to new tips in the ongoing investigation.

When viewing the film itself, the material is presented in a way that not only highlights the oddity of the situation, but also gives those of us who have been hearing about Madison’s vanishing consistently for the past three years a new view on the situation. It is no longer simply seeing the “Find Maddy” posters on billboards and the backs of vehicles, the film gives a whole new life to an incident that now feels like a lifetime ago for the majority of us, but is still very much a reality for Scott’s friends and family. Through the documentary Scouller wants to present the case of Madison’s disappearance as a case that still very much needs to be solved, and at the same time is bringing light to a method of investigation not commonly seen. When interviewed about the film, Madison’s parents expressed their hope that the film will not only shed light on their daughters vanishing, but will also convince those with information to finally come forward, so they may finally get some much deserved answers.