Extreme Spring Cleaning: Dorm Edition

Jade Szymanski | Contributor

Spring is fast approaching; as the days get longer and the temperature gets warmer, university students everywhere are filled with anticipation of the four-month long break from school that they will get to work, sleep, and soak up the sun instead of study, drink nothing but coffee, and freeze their butts off while getting to class. With spring comes the notion that we are renewed and brighter days are ahead of us. This is why spring cleaning is so popular- an organized and clean living environment helps translate to how we function in day-to-day life, which should feel exciting and fresh when spring finally rolls around. It is the beginning of a promising summer, and your dorm should reflect that positivity. After all, a cluttered space leaves a cluttered mind, and we all need to be on our A game with finals season looming near.

While those of us living in small dorms are not graced with the luxury of being able to rearrange furniture and redecorate, even the simplest additions or spruce ups can make a change of difference. Adding new posters to the wall or changing the orientation of your bed can add a new vibe to your room and the creative element can make cleaning seem more exciting (not to mention all the calories to be burnt while moving those heavy objects). Common spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms could also benefit from simple decorating adjustments such as putting the kitchen table to the other side of the room, painting on the windows, adding scent diffusers to the room, and decorating your fridge with all of those C+ assignments of yours to remind you of your successes because nonetheless, C’s get degrees.

As it’s certain that you haven’t had a deep clean of your living space since the beginning of the school year in September, a fresh wash of your sheets will feel great against your naked body (because honestly who doesn’t sleep naked now that you have fancy locks on your bedroom door and no fear of your siblings or parents barging in). Vacuuming your floor is a strong suggestion as all the late-night snack crumbs mustn’t be very good for bugs and bacteria festering about. Dusting should also be high on your priority list as removing all the dust from your room will help with sneezing and allergies that spring is sure to bring. Lastly, as there is only about a month and a bit left in the semester, you will soon be packing up your dorm into storage boxes. Having a clean room will facilitate that process at the end of the semester (when you’ll be busy with finals), as well as make it much easier when unboxing it all again in September.

Even as young adults, it’s hard to find the motivation to want to clean when there’s so many other things that would be more fun to do. Eating nothing but spinach salad (no dressing and the only topping is celery) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is even starting to sound more appealing than cleaning at this point. However, we need to stop seeing cleaning with such a negative connotation and realize the benefits that it brings. If all of that fails, you can always turn cleaning into a game. Every hour you clean means 30 minutes less you need to spend at the gym, or you get a slice of pie from the cafeteria, or perhaps even a mid-day beer to celebrate. Every room you clean means an extra hour to sleep in on the weekend, or an extra 30 minutes of Netflix. Every plastic bag you fill with trash means you treat yourself to a meal not from the cafeteria, or you get to squeeze in a nap between Biology 110 and Philosophy 200 instead of doing the Stats 240 assignment. Whatever will get you motivated, harness that power to get it done, clean your room and take control of your life. Your physical and mental health will thank you, as well as your roommates who have been dying from the questionable odor coming from your sock drawer.