End of the Hall Era for the Timberwolves Soccer Program

When the season closed on the UNBC soccer squads this year, there was a more than just the hopes of a playoff game that floated away this year. Sydney and Jordan Hall of the women’s squad had played their final games in a Timberwolves uniform.

Over the past four years, the hall sisters have been the heart and soul of the soccer program in Prince George. Hailing from right here in Prince George, the Hall sisters showed their passion and skill every time they stepped onto the pitch. When you came to the game as a fan or even a member of the team, you knew that you always had a chance for your side to come out victorious because they were not going to go down without a ght that would make Ares himself smile with admiration.

Sydney Hall was a striker/mid elder that used her skill, speed, and aggression to nd the open gaps and strike the ball with vigor towards the net for marvelous chances abound in most games that she played. On multiple occasions, one would look at the scoresheet at the end of the match and see Sydney’s name on the paper in some capacity. She was a true leader of the team in the way that she approached the game with an intensity that reminds us of why we love the beautiful game. When you have a leader like Sydney Hall, your team automatically knows their place on the pitch in every moment and work as a unit in order to achieve the same goal.

As much as Sydney led the forwards in a systematic attack on the other team’s net, Jordan Hall was just as e ective in commanding the whole team whenever she had the ball for a goal kick. From the moment that the ball even came close to her, Jordan would make sure that her defense had all their checks covered as well as make sure that everyone knew what she was seeing from her advantage point.

With a goaltender, a team needs a strong general between the pipes to make sure that everyone is in the position that they need to be and to make sure that the opponents are not in a position to counterattack if something goes wrong. One would always know how the game went even if they arrived after the game had ended because of how the Hall sisters carried themselves.

Despite being gracious in defeat, the Hall sisters wore their emotions on their sleeves and when they lost a game, they were not happy campers. On more than one occasion, one or both would be seen pacing back and forth trying to understand what went wrong and how the outcome could have turned around in their favour. It is because of these skills, experience, and emotions are why the UNBC soccer program are reeling from the end of the Hall era.

Even though there are some great players that can take up the leadership mantle (Rossi), a giant hole has been left in the dressing room of the UNBC women’s soccer team as they look to continue developing the soccer program without two of the hometown juggernauts.