Down but Not Out: One Last Shot for Winter Sports

Down but Not Out: One Last Shot for Winter Sports

By Laura Mooney, Arts Editor

Slowly but surely the cold weather is giving way and the once towering snow piles are diminishing day by day, but that does not mean that there is not one last opportunity to experience the best that Prince George has to offer for winter sports. No matter your preference, our fair city does have an extensive range of upcoming winter events for everybody no matter how wild or tame your favourite snowy pastime may be.

For those of you who love to combine cross-country skiing with a little something sweet, then the Caledonia Nordic Cross Country Ski Club’s upcoming event is for you. On 28 February 2014, for the first time the ski club will be hosting what they are calling a “Chocolate Race” at their Otway Road location. The event will consist of, naturally a cross- country race, followed by a chili dinner and of course, chocolate! All participants will be treated to the sweet surprise at the celebratory dinner, and if this was not enticing enough it is also an excellent way to enjoy the beautifully groomed trails we have right here in Prince George one last time before the season is complete. So make sure this is an event you mark on your calendars.

If you have a bit of a wild streak and are not afraid to strut your stuff, in a sense, then experience the brisk winter air one last time by joining in on the fun at the UNBC Underwear Run. The three-kilometer run around UNBC and the surrounding area will feature runners stripped down to their undergarments, (well, maybe undergarments over a pair of long johns) all to support and raise money for “below the belt cancers.” This is the first year that UNBC will be hosting the event in hopes to raise as much money as possible. So if you happen to love running, love good causes, and want to get out into the snow for a fun winter marathon, then grab your briefs and get out there!

Finally, if ice skating is more up your alley, and you want to not only experience some great national talent as well as do some skating yourself, then come out to the Canadian National Championships: Short Track Speed Skating. From 14 March to 16 March 2014, Prince George will be the host to some of the country’s finest up and coming speed skaters, who will be duelling for the chance to race in the World Championship in speed skating. The event will take place at the newly renovated Kin One near CN Centre, and will feature skaters as young as 15, all vying for a shot at national glory. Plus, if attending a professional skating event inspires you to put on a pair of skates yourself, then the free skate time at Kin One is the perfect way to show off your skills and dance around on the ice one last time before the skates are put away for the season.

So although the birds are returning and the residents of Prince George are actually able to see the sun again, by no means should you count winter out just yet. There are still a number of great winter events and activities for all winter lovers to participate in while the snow still remains on the ground.