Crossfit: Mentally and Physically Intense

Crossfit: Mentally and Physically Intense

By Adam Vickers, Sports Editor

Crossfit is a new sport hitting the world by storm; it has had a massive impact on the fitness community and is starting what some people are calling a cult. Crossfit is high intensity exercise involving functional movement. Crossfit is cross discipline training that prides itself on being ready for any situation that arises. Much like our armed forces, these athletes train for anything and everything; they train gymnastics, weightlifting, swimming and any type of fitness training you can imagine.

Crossfit is highly receptive because the training is helpful and applicable to any sport or competition. Crossfit has training blogs from Crossfit football, which focus on training for football, to Crossfit endurance, which focuses on training for long distance activities like running and rowing. Crossfit has even made its way into professional sports including the NFL, NHL, and MMA, because it is becoming the best way to work on strength and conditioning.
Some of the criticism from Crossfit is that it is dangerous, because many of the lifts are very complex. These complex movements are very difficult and very dangerous without the right guidance, but one of the great things about Crossfit is the community. The Crossfit community is made up of people who are serious about getting bigger, stronger, and faster. The community is fascinating because it does not matter how big or how small you are; they will work with you to make sure you reach your goals. The people who coach Crossfit all have certification on how to coach the movements and how to scale them so that people can work out their own way of doing the movements safely.

The way Crossfit works is by putting a bunch of people in a room and getting them to workout face to face, trying to beat one another in a race for time, weight, or reps. In the race for time, you are trying to complete a workout in the fastest time possible – to make it fair, the workouts are scaled by weight or in the movement so that everyone can try to beat one another. In a race for weight, the goal is to get to the heaviest weight possible in a certain allotted amount of time; the more weight you lift, the better you do. For these types of workout, the goal is usually to try to beat previous personal record weights. In a race for reps, you try to do the most reps in a specified amount of time. To scale for these workouts, the weight is adjusted to the strength of each person.

One thing that has grown along with Crossfit is the Crossfit games. The Crossfit games are much like the Olympics, but are instead a competition of fitness. The goal of the Crossfit games is to find the fittest man on Earth. The competition puts athletes through grueling activities, testing them in strength, endurance, determination, and mental toughness. The competitions they have gone through include a sprint triathlon, a half marathon row, 300+ pound clean lifts, and more.
Crossfit is not just intense exercising; it is a combination of community, intense training, and a desire to be a better self. Crossfit will not only make you fit, it will make you mentally strong and prepare you for any situation. The worst thing about Crossfit is that you may feel some failure – failure builds character, after all!