Over the Edge is always looking for individuals who want to see their name in print and have their voices heard on a variety of topics – from movie reviews to news around the world – submit your piece!

What to Write

Whether you have an excellent idea for an article, or are still looking for a good topic, we’d love to hear from you. Current events around UNBC and PG are always hot topics for student readers, and of course, any reviews on the arts and entertainment scene is helpful for our readers.

OTE is also looking for consistent writers who have a burning desire to share their unique interpretations on the news. This type of writing would be great for bloggers who want to reach a wider audience, and the section gives the newspaper a real community feel. Tell our reader’s how you feel about burning topics!

If you’re still stumped for what to write, please drop by to the OTE office, where we discuss story ideas for the upcoming issue, or email us at over.the.edge.unbc@gmail.com to see what we’re looking for!

Who to Contact

Please contact the Editor in Chief at over.the.edge.unbc@gmail.com.

Publication Schedule 2018/19:

Contribution and Ad Deadline: Publication Dates:
Autumn Semester 2018  
August 29 September 5
September 19 September 25
October 10 October 16
October 31 November 6
November 21 November 27
Winter Semester 2019  
January 16 January 22
February 6 February 12
February 27 March 5
March 20 March 26



Formatting Guidelines for Written Submissions:

Email articles to over.the.edge.unbc@gmail.com according to the following guidelines:

  1. Font: Arial. Size nine (9).
  2. No indents or spaces before paragraphs.
  3. Single-spaced.
  4. Everything aligned left, including headlines.
  5. Format: .doc or .docx
  6. Articles must be concise. The term concise is defined in the house style guide.
  7. Images must be of high quality.
  8. Images must be large (600×700 at least)

Over the Edge House Style Guide


Campus life at UNBC is constantly changing with new events each week and Over the Edge wants to engage students by capturing memorable moments around UNBC and PG – if you love life behind the camera we’d love to publish your photographs in the newspaper. Contributing photos is a great way to enhance the quality and integrity of the newspaper, and is an alternatively fun option for getting involved with OTE aside from writing articles. Besides, those elusive moose have to be somewhere.

What to Snap:

OTE aims to provide a photo for all the articles we write. We are also in need of great photos for the cover of the newspaper, and as well as stand-alone (no story necessary) photos for the website banner!

Ideas of photos we’d love to have include shots from: life at UNBC residences, club events, parties at the Thirsty Moose, Farmer’s Market days, guest speakers at the university, and Winter Garden activities. We want to see it all!

Who to Contact:

OTE photo content can be submitted via e-mail or in-person on a flash drive. Either way, submitting your photos to our staff is a fabulous opportunity to get to know who the people behind the big blue curtain are (because they’re handsome), how they are going to use your shots (because they will), and what input they can provide you on the topics or talent you possess (because you have it). Contact the Editor in Chief at over.the.edge.unbc@gmail.com.

Formatting Guidelines:

  • Size: 600×700
  • Resolution: Highest
  • One colour version and one black & white version


Read the following frequently asked questions, and if you’ve still got questions for our team, email us (over.the.edge.unbc@gmail.com), tweet us, or facebook us!

Can I talk with someone at Over the Edge in person?
Absolutely! Please drop by the office whenever you’re on campus, or make an appointment at over.the.edge.unbc@gmail.com.

How can I become a regular contributor to OTE?
Come to the office and get friendly with the regular editors. They will send you emails every two weeks with story ideas, and you can let them know which ones you’re interesting in writing, or you can send your articles in for regular scrutiny at over.the.edge.unbc@gmail.com.