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Over The Edge

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Mailing Address:
Over the Edge 6-350
3333 University Way
Prince George, BC
V2N 4Z9

Contact Us:
Phone: 250-960-5633
Office: NUSC 6-350

The Board of Directors can be reached at


Colin Slark | Editor In Chief | (250-552-7319)

Colin is a fourth year English/History student in his second year with Over The Edge and his first as Editor In Chief. Colin enjoys storytelling and given the chance, will talk your ear off about weird trivia, comic books, and science fiction. If you would like to discuss editorial matters, please email Colin at or call him on the above phone number.




Hannah Rizun | Production Coordinator

Hannah is going into her 3rd year as an English/History student. She spent last semester on an international exchange in France, secretly wondering if all French aphorisms are true. Case in point: French people really do walk around carrying baguette under their arms, like parents with their first-born children.