Compass Group Doesn’t Care about Our Campus

Corey Bonnar | Contributor

The first few weeks of class are complete and the last of summer has gone with the crisp morning air and overturned garbage cans, both sure signs that fall in Prince George has arrived.  Although the signs of fall are always pleasant to us who love the changing seasons, there have been some sounds on campus that are less pleasing to the caring ear.

A looming worker’s strike has clouded the otherwise harmonious hallways with an uncertain air of dysfunction. As someone who, due to budget constraints, doesn’t frequent the UNBC cafeteria as much as I would like to, it is not immediately clear how possible strike action would affect my day to day experience at UNBC. I also do my best to support our local Degrees Coffee Co. so it would not be a double-double withdrawal that I need to worry about.

But what about the people? These are important members of our local community. These are people who raise families, work hard to support our students, and improve our University experience. I would like to show appreciation, and I encourage all of us to show our support. We need to recognize the importance of supporting our local community members who are up against a faceless, British multinational corporation doing its best to put its profits before our people here on campus.

These are good local people, including neighbors, family, and friends, we need to ensure they can continue to be healthy participants in our community, which means fair wages and job security. I for one, am going to sport a hairnet on campus as a sign of my support. I encourage the rest of the student body to show their support and appreciation so we can move forward with a positive outcome, resulting in a fair contract negotiation that respects the importance of our people and what they mean to our community.