Collect Change for Change this Halloween

Taylor Bysouth

Attention all students!

UNBC has partnered with the United Way of Northern British Columbia to bring about change in our local community by collecting change on campus! Before we get to the nitty gritty details, let us start with a bit of background on the United Way of Northern British Columbia.

The United Way is a volunteer-driven organization that relies heavily on volunteer involvement, expertise and support to achieve a specific mandate. Their mission is to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. Their promise to you is to invest resources where they are needed the most and where they will have the most impact to the most people. United Way efforts positively affect the lives of one in three individuals in northern British Columbia, which equates to 115,000 people being impacted across our region. In addition, 90 cents of every dollar donated is reinvested into programs and services helping your friends, relatives and neighbours throughout the region. During the last funding cycle UWNBC invested in 125 organizations across the north that provided 519 programs to the most vulnerable individuals in our communities across the north. United Way strives to bring about positive, long term, sustainable change.

UNBC has been a big supporter of United Way Northern BC (UWNBC) for many years – running a campaign that is staff and faculty driven. I have been volunteering with United Way for just over a year now, and have come to appreciate the hard work of all of those involved in this great organization.

I am pleased to announce that UNBC will be hosting its first ever Halloween coin drive on campus, with all proceeds going to the United Way of Northern BC. On October 31 from 9 am to 3 pm, students can form groups (or also participate individually), dress up as a group (students are welcome to dress up in their clothes of study, for example, students in the Medical program dress up as doctors, however it is not required), come sign up in the Wintergarden and collect change from other students and staff (hint: ask your family and neighbours for change donations or bring change from home to give yourselves a head start!). If you do not have time to go around campus, you are more than welcome to bring change from home as a donation, however the purpose of this event is to boost student involvement across campus. We ask that all donation boxes be handed back to the booth in the Wintergarden by 3 pm the day of the event. There will be Mr. Mike’s gift cards available for the team who collects the most change, as well as for the team that comes best dressed.

It is important to note that all funds raised in the community, stay in the community.

So look for posters around campus and listen to the campus radio station (CFUR 88.7 fm) for more information on the upcoming event. I will also be coming around to speak to classes to raise awareness for this great campaign and encourage students who have an hour or two to spare on October 31 to come out, collect change and help bring about change within our local community.

Even a small amount of change can make a big change in someone’s’ life.