Coldsnap 2014: A Weekend Out

Coldsnap 2014: A Weekend Out

By Chelsea Gibson

Have you ever heard people say that Prince George has nothing to do during the winter? You can tell them they’re wrong. Last Friday night had music blaring through downtown with the opening Block Party event with Coldsnap at the Ramada Hotel and the Outdoors Club Hoe Down at Riley’s Pub.

The Ramada Ball Room hosted the Block party for this year’s Coldsnap. Dear Rouge opened the stage with an indie rock performance. Drew and Danielle McTaggart are a husband and wife duo that rock out alternative electro-dance tunes with a big stage presence. It is an understatement to say that the dance floor was completely packed. The beautiful Danielle’s vocals are infectious, with a melodic voice and sultry choruses that everybody must sing along to even if they don’t know the words. Drew’s guitar has organic texture combined with electronic dance undertones. If you want a break from studying, download some Dear Rouge and have yourself a dance party.

After a positive energy to start the night the Boom Booms swept in taking the hearts of the crowd. This East Vancouver tree-planting group is a balanced mix of soul, funk and reggae with an entertaining stage presence. The choreographed sways and kicks brought their music to a whole new level. This five-piece combo provides something for everyone who is watching. If people weren’t up dancing to chill vibes they were watching these handsome guys smile, and dance their way through the night. Looking to kick back and relax after a day of lectures? Watch the band on a musical and spiritual journey through the Amazon River in the documentary Boom Boom Brazil. Both the Boom Booms and Dear Rouge have been finalists in the prestigious Peak Performance Project.

Up the street from the Ramada at Riley’s Pub was UNBC’s SGU and Outdoors Club Hoe Down. Prince George’s finest Black Spruce Bog turned Riley’s Pub into a good old-fashioned barn hoe down. Looking out to the crowd, nobody looked bogged down by these tunes. Dressed in plaid and boot stompin’ the night away as Black Spruce Bog belted out their folk, blue grass, country tunes. Spencer Hammond, Danny Bell, Amy Blanding, Jeremy Pahl, and Eric Welscher-Bilodeau are getting out in Prince George at Coldsnap’s local night and if you haven’t seen them yet you can catch them on 7 Feb at The Thirsty Moose or 10 March, opening for West My Friend at Nancy O’s.