She paces the room. Where could he be? She feels like an idiot. It was such a small fight, Not the worst They’ve ever had. But when he left, She felt that it Was different. […]

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On Our Watch

We supplanted huts and caves with concrete buildings Forests are lost to paved roads and cities We found solace in religion but forgot to pray We narrowed empires and dynasties to states Anarchy usurped autocracy […]


Nineties Kids

Here’s to the kids who never put down their skateboards. Despite fresh grey in their sideburns they still deem four wheels on a plank— sans helmet and pads, of course— a more than acceptable way […]

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The Bitter Cold

The big night is here. As her mother waves goodbye, She wonders what it will be like. The lights. The music. The people. Her white-blonde hair shines In ringlets Past her shoulders. Her white dress […]