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Inspiring Women Among Us 2017: Women, Work, and Allies

Posted by on Aug 17, 2017 in Culture | 0 comments

Tierney Watkinson | News Director   From November 16th through the 29th, UNBC will host the third annual presentation of Inspiring Women Among Us (IWAU). This year’s theme is “Women, Work, and Allies.” As with past years, the event leads up to the Day of Remembrance and Action Against Violence Against Women, nationally held on December 6th, but also observed every year on the final day of IWAU in Prince George. IWAU centers around the tragedy of the Montreal Massacre in 1989, and seeks to celebrate women in science as well as the contributions of women in all areas of society. Last year’s events included panels on a variety of topics presented by women in the media (complying with the 2016 theme “Women, Media, and Masks”), films, and documentaries about the portrayal of feminism and women as individuals in...

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Limelight Quest 2017 Showcasing Local Talent

Posted by on Aug 12, 2017 in Culture | 0 comments

Tierney Watkinson | News Director   Prince George is not necessarily the first place one would think to look for incredible stage talent. A northern city known best for forestry and service industries might not seem to coincide with aspirations for the arts, but anyone who has visited the Two Rivers Gallery or watched a production put on by Theatre Northwest or the Prince George Playhouse would certainly know differently. Adding to Prince George’s repertoire of artistic talent is Limelight Quest, a singing competition hosted by Dawn Boudreau since 2011. This year, the Quest begins with Preliminary Rounds starting August 7th and ends with the Finals on August 18th. Singers in the competition are of varying ages, but all are of great talent. Dawn Boudreau was raised in Prince George and is an influential teacher of the musical arts....

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Prince George Pride Parade & Celebration

Posted by on Jul 19, 2017 in Arts, Culture, News | 0 comments

Tierney Watkinson | News Director   On July 8, Prince George showed its Pride in full colour in the Veteran’s Plaza in front of City Hall.   The events of the 20th Annual Pride Celebration began at 10am and went into full swing after the 11am parade and continued through to 3pm.   Performers and volunteers garbed in brilliant colours proudly walked the parade route, smiling and waving and often handing out candy and free hugs. Escorted by a Police cruiser, The Prince George Pride Society led the parade. Hundreds of people followed behind, wearing or carrying rainbow flags, twirling rainbow parasols, or sporting face paints in varying colours. Wonder Woman made an appearance; as did Deadpool, wearing a sexy biker outfit and cheerfully taking selfies with anyone who asked. Multiple floats prepared by groups and businesses from throughout...

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TEDxUNBC Call For Speakers

Posted by on May 11, 2017 in Arts, Culture, UNBC | 0 comments

Sam Wall | Editor In Chief   This past Monday, the call was put out for speakers for TEDxUNBC. The event, occurring on September 30th, will take inspiration directly from TED and other similarly inspired events, called TEDx. The theme for UNBC’s conference will be dispelling misconceptions, giving speakers the opportunity to demonstrate what Prince George has to offer. The conference will be the first of its kind at UNBC. The goal of TEDxUNBC is to highlight the incredible talent and knowledge held within UNBC and the wider Prince George community. The theme of dispelling misconceptions is a fitting one, as residents are quite familiar with the common of misconceptions of their city. From most dangerous city in Canada to daily pulp mill smells, residents are used to pointing out the benefits of Prince George, such as exciting research...

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BC Provincial Election #TheClimateTalk

Posted by on Apr 29, 2017 in Culture, News | 0 comments

Tierney Watkinson | News Director   As our next Provincial Election approaches, youth of BC are raising questions about the future of the environment, and asking voters to go to the polls with the fate of that future in mind. A video has been circulating Facebook featuring Canadian youth speaking to their families about the importance of voting with the issue of climate change as their main concern, as well as encouraging other voters to do the same. “Sit your family down or call them up. Have #TheClimateTalk.” The video was created by the Wilderness Committee. “The Wilderness Committee, founded in 1980, is a registered non-profit society with charitable status…Canada’s people-powered, citizen-funded wilderness protection group,” their website says. Over The Edge was contacted by Peter McCartney, Climate Campaigner for the society. “#TheClimateTalk came out of a number of conversations...

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UNBC Drama Club Presents: Peter Pan and Wendy

Posted by on Apr 3, 2017 in Arts, Culture | 0 comments

Tierney Watkinson | Team Member   Join the UNBC Drama Club as they delve into the world of Neverland in their upcoming show, Peter Pan and Wendy! If you, like me, love JM Barrie’s original story then you do not want to miss this Doug Rand stage adaptation. Be prepared to laugh along with this comedy adventure as Wendy and her little brothers follow the whimsical Peter into Neverland. Let the extremely talented UNBC Drama Club transport you into this beloved world of pirates, fairies, and Lost Boys. The set pieces, which I have caught glimpses of in the Clubs Room, are truly impressive and beautiful. The production, directed by Jake Goertz, will be well worth watching. Starring: Ferris Vasko as Peter Pan Keone Gourlay as Wendy Tyree Corfe as John Emily Brown as Michael Adaeze Obeta as Mrs....

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