Nineties Kids

Here’s to the kids who never put down their skateboards. Despite fresh grey in their sideburns they still deem four wheels on a plank— sans helmet and pads, of course— a more than acceptable way […]

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British Columbia

New Year, New U-Pass

The New Year is here and thank goodness for that! A time to rejuvenate the spirit and revisit all of those well-intended changes and goals to improve our lives. Between planning healthier routines and building […]

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The Bitter Cold

The big night is here. As her mother waves goodbye, She wonders what it will be like. The lights. The music. The people. Her white-blonde hair shines In ringlets Past her shoulders. Her white dress […]

British Columbia

Trapped on Planet Earth

As the possibility of a manned mission to Mars becomes more and more plausible, scientists may soon be presented with another issue that could further complicate their journey. The amount of space debris orbiting the […]