Campus Correspondent Entries roll in: have you voted?

Entries have begun to roll in for UNBC’s first ever Campus Correspondent position via the Northern Exposure Award. The job has its perks as the Northern Exposure Award includes tuition for one year, accommodation in residence, credit with the UNBC bookstore and food services on campus, and even a smartphone plan. All of this is in exchange for being the face of UNBC social media detailing undergraduate life. The contest is marked as “the ultimate school year – eight months of unforgettable northern experiences”.

This non traditional scholarship abandons the usual method of selecting a student with the highest academic credentials and instead looks for an individual who is outgoing and knows his or her way around Facebook and twitter. Applicants are asked to create a video where they explain why they should have “northern exposure” and be selected as the Campus Correspondent. Current UNBC students and all others invested in university social media competitions can vote for their favourite entries online and the applicant with the most votes by January 20th will win the early bird prize of $200 dollars of UNBC tuition credits.

With only days to go before the first deadline only five applicants are in the running. As the Northern Exposure Award is marketed mainly as a getaway-to-the-north experience, its no surprise that three of the applicants are outdoors loving kids from the lower mainland. Tim Beals, a high school student from Richmond BC, is currently in the lead with over a hundred votes. “I am an adventurous yet self motivated and studious student, who is eager to experience all that northern life has to offer,” states Beals. His two minute entry video details a love of the north stemming from a memorable childhood vacation to Quesnel, Barkerville, and then on to Jasper and Banff.

John Evans from Langley BC is also contending for UNBC’s northern exposure. You should vote for me because I am fun, outgoing, and a very sociable person capable of handling the responsibilities of campus correspondent,” states Evans. “I will capture life and events at UNBC throughout the year in the most entertaining and unique ways.” John’s video is softly scored by his own strumming on the guitar as he explains his love of the great out doors and walks through his neighbourhood as the sun sets.

Jillian Welch is the final applicant form the lower mainland hailing from Vancouver BC. Also a high school student shopping for a University to call home in september, Welch demonstrates the distance between Vancouver and Prince George in her application video and says although its far away she is excited to go north. “I am looking forward to moving up to Prince George in the fall and being campus correspondent would be a dream come true,” states Welch. In her entry Welch claims to be excited to turn over a new leaf and learn about Canada’s Green University.

The most northern applicant of the bunch is Seth Jex from Smithers BC. “I have some awesome experiences from youth empowerment and environmental summits to heading the creation of a youth shadow council in our local municipal system,” says Jex. “I feel this is an awesome opportunity to experience new things and meet new people. I want to tell everyone about all of the amazing things going on at UNBC.” As a current drama student, Jex enthusiastically states in his entry video that “I am a northerner who knows northerners. I have a creative background and the leadership experience that this role needs and I love UNBC”. Jex currently ranks third place just trailing Jillian Welch’s position in second place.

The only hometown submission comes from Chantelle Jimenez from Prince George BC. Filmed on campus, Jimenez’s video exudes local pride as it features her walking into the university campus carrying a snowboard while wearing a UNBC sweatshirt. She then details all of the local Prince George hot spots she’s had the pleasure of growing up around such as West Lake, Purden, and Hixon Falls. “For being only eighteen when school arrives in September I feel like I can bring my young enthusiasm to every aspect of UNBC experiences. I am not afraid to be myself and hopefully through all of my posts and videos you’ll get to know my friendly, genuine, character,” states Jimenez. Jimenez smoothly concludes her video with “my name is Chantelle Jimenez and I’m part of the UNBC graduating class of 2017”.

These five applicants are eagerly awaiting votes. The voting system is also a great way for current UNBC students to voice their preferences of who they want to see inundating UNBC social media in the future. The first round of voting will be concluded on January 20th and one of these five kids will receive 200 dollars of UNBC tuition credits. The second round of voting will close of February 10th and that will see $500 dollars worth of tuition credits up for grabs.

By Hanna Petersen