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Bring Q to PG

By Jasmine Kirk, Copy Editor

2015 is set to be a big year for Prince George. The Canada Winter Games, the city’s 100th anniversary, and UNBC’s 25th anniversary will all bring great positive publicity to the city, and help to tell the rest of BC and Canada that PG is on the map. These opportunities, however, will be meaningless without some serious news coverage; the kind of dulcet-toned coverage that can only be offered by the magnificence of Jian Ghomeshi and the team at CBC’s Q.

Don’t get me wrong – OTE is committed to providing fantastic journalism throughout the Games to the UNBC community, but we need to think big. Jian’s sultry tones offer the kind of in-depth easy listening that will draw the rest of Canada into Prince George’s triumphs. Certainly, UNBC’s thoughtful donations bringing Rick Mercer to town in 2011 were spectacular, but we cannot give up. UNBC has to fight to get up the CBC chain of command for some thick, side-swept, smooth-haired radio notoriety. The CBC Daybreak North team is made up of UNBC grads, but there is no point in stopping at the local level. We deserve to reach for that long-haired, scruffy-jowled national star and bring him to us.

Moxy Fruvous, that gem of Canadian Culture, was interviewed by Over the Edge the last time they came to town. Jian’s smiling swagger graced our campus once before; it can happen again. He told Daybreak North that he “had a particularly good experience [in Prince George] and so I hope we can make it happen.” Those arrogant cheekbones went so far as to suggest that bringing Q to Prince George is comparable to getting the Olympics. We got the next best thing – the Canada Winter Games. Q should be more than happy to grace us with the lightly-dusted chest hair of their highest-rated morning show host.

The Facebook page, Bring Q to PG, has already garnered over 800 likes in the month since its inception. Mr. PG, a wooden representation of all that PG has to offer, travelled across the country in hopes of convincing Jian to come to Prince George. Through this page, PG-ers have garnered a list of all the things that Jian and the Q team should see when they arrive here. He has been offered special guest status at local restaurants, the page owners are in the middle of a Hai-Q contest, and Mayor Shari Green has even offered to declare the city as QG for a day. The city is ready to receive the sexiest piece of Canadiana ever produced out of London (English one), and to reap the extensive benefits offered by his six degrees of separation.