Board Of Governors

Wendel Schwab (Graduate Rep)

My name is Wendel Schwab, I am completing my second semester of study as a graduate student in the English department here at UNBC, I am also a TA instructor for English 170, and I am running to be your Graduate Student Representative on the UNBC Board of Governors. I am from Prince George, and I attended UNBC for my undergrad. I have extensive experience in university governance: I have previously sat on the Senate and the, and I am currently the Vice-President of the NBCGSS. I contribute to the UNBC community: I currently sit on the Academic Planning Committee and Provost’s Committee on Pedagogical Practices, I am the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for OTE, and I am the Secretary of the English Student Society.

My platform is communication—I want to improve communication at UNBC, representation—I will represent you and your views, experiences, and concerns to the Board of Governors, and accountability—I will hold the Administration of UNBC accountable.

For my full platform, see my Facebook page: Twitter: @WendelSchwab Email:


Eric Depenau (Graduate Rep)

My name is Eric Depenau and I am an experienced voice for you in this election.

(March 16th / 17th – Electronic ballots will be sent to all graduate students).

As a graduate student working towards a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies, I am interested in serving as your graduate BOG representative, a role I am well suited for, having been an elected member of this board in the past.

I have had the pleasure of serving on the UNBC BOG as well as the CNC BOG. Both were great opportunities to provide input on important topics including the institutions budgets, high profile appointments, arbitrations, and the strategic vision of our community’s higher education bodies.

Moving forward I want to, once again, be engaged as your representative to advance sustainability issues, ensure regional campuses are considered in decision making, and to help build on the vision that has made UNBC #1 two years in a row.

In short, I will bring a breadth of experience to this position, experience that I have acquired through my time serving on the UNBC and CNC Board of Governors, CNC’s Education Council, as a past Chair of the Canadian Federation of Students Local #13, and as Vice President Finance of the Northern Undergraduate Students Society. In these elected positions as well as in my career as a civil servant, I have had the opportunity to network in our campus community and with local, provincial, and federal organizations that share similar structures, budgets, and values with UNBC.

I want to use this background to make sure that we as students don’t miss any opportunities.

I ask you again to lend me your support and give me the opportunity to work as your Board of Governors representative for the coming year.

Thank you!


Arctica Cunningham (Undergraduate Representative)

My name is Arctica Cunningham and I am entering my fifth (and final!) year of my undergraduate degree. I will be graduating with a joint major in Environmental Studies and Political Science, and a minor in International Studies. Throughout my time at UNBC, I have had many wonderful experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Serving on the NUGSS Board of Directors for the past two years (Academic Rep 2015/16, President 2016/17) has taught me a lot about how to influence change at UNBC and given me great connections to students, faculty, staff and administration.

While I greatly enjoyed my time as NUGSS President this year, I realized that many of the changes I was advocating for needed the approval of the Board of Governors. Most of the members of the Board of Governors are members of upper administration at UNBC, or Order In Council appointments from the Provincial Government. It is very important to have strong voices on the Board that can speak directly to the student experience at UNBC, and make sure the other members of the Board fully understand the implications their decisions will have to the student experience. For example, there are many programs at UNBC that are extremely short on faculty members, reducing the number of courses being offered, and thus delaying graduation for too many UNBC students. Last year, the Deans identified over a dozen ‘critical hires’ for their programs, with many more positions that were also requested to be filled; however, the Board of Governors only budgeted for half the critical faculty placements to be hired. Next year, I hope to change that conversation, and ensure all programs have an adequate amount of faculty to meet the needs of their students and department.

I am extremely passionate about UNBC, and I hope to be able to continue representing undergraduate students as a member of the Board of Governors. Thank you