Be it Resolved that You Should Debate!

Lila Mansour | VP External, UNBC Debate Society

Are you the type of person who likes to win an argument or voice your opinion? Or do you like to investigate new ideas, ask questions, and see both sides of a discussion? Or are you just interested in learning a beneficial life skill? Debating is often viewed as a skill that only lawyers and politicians use, but that is an incredibly limited view. Debating is a skill that will help you throughout your life, whether you happen to be in the sciences, business, or arts, or you are an aspiring teacher, social worker, doctor or engineer. Engaging in healthy debates (not arguments) can enhance your ability to think critically and articulate your thoughts, allow you to gain new knowledge, and teach you to think on your feet. These are strengths that every person can gain. According to Study International News, people who take part and are successful in debate are often more socially conscious, empathetic, open-minded and can keep their emotions under control. In a world filled with ignorance and “fake news,” having such skills can be a great advantage. We need more people who have a strong understanding of the world around them, who are capable of presenting themselves in a pleasant and meaningful way.


Luckily, your opportunity to debate is not too far away. The UNBC Debate Society has been a registered Student Led Organization (SLO) since 2010 and members have had the chance to debate nationally and internationally! The Society is looking to expand the club’s activities this year and get more students involved. This way, we can host tournaments at the university and build the team so that hopefully in 2019/20, students can be sent to represent UNBC at other university debates, or go on to attend the World Universities Debate Championship! Debate meetings will be held weekly, but attendance every week is not necessary. The Society also has plans to host the Northern Academic Debate Championships (NADC) at UNBC, which is a high school debate tournament for students in the North. Any students interested in debating or helping organize debate tournaments are strongly encouraged to get in touch ( or stop by the UNBC Debate Society table during SLO Days to register. Now we yield the floor to you!