BC’s Basketball Pride Sits Tall in Wheelchair

BC’s Basketball Pride Sits Tall in Wheelchair

by Giri Krishnan


Basketball courts with bouncing balls, racing legs, slam dunks, and quick passes will surely be a great atmosphere for players and spectators around BC. The adrenaline rushes with the the pace of the brown ball flying in the air.

The purpose of sport is to create a healthy mind through the upkeep of a healthy body. Keeping that in mind, different sports encourage differently abled people to join in. Jack Kosterman of Fort Langley is one differently abled champion who is making the British Columbia province notable for all the right reasons: he is currently making his entry as the youngest member of the Junior World Wheelchair Basketball Championship.

The determination and passion of Jack speaks volumes of his love for basketball. He began the campaign in style against South Africa with a 62-31 win, finding his way into the scoreboards. Suffering from a slipped capital femoral epiphysis, which allowed him to walk, but not to play standing sports, he explored wheelchair basketball. Rather than giving up, he put a positive spin on his physical challenge and got into sledge hockey, wheelchair basketball, and all other sports possible. Through sheer hard work, dedication, and passion, this teen has reached the pinnacle of success.

Even though their second match was in a hard fought losing cause with the scoreline of 57-50 against Great Britain, it is due to the fighting spirit of people like Jack that Canada has been successful. As Jack’s mother said in an interview with CTV news, to sum it all up, “For him a game is a game, and a sport is a sport, and the wheelchair is just part of your equipment.” Jack’s dream and aspiration is to make it to the men’s team for the 2016 Olympics; this could very well be a stepping stone to achieve his dream.

Playing his first international game, and doing well against the likes of equally determined people from other countries is not a joke. It should be said that Jack and the whole team were well supported by the coach and by returning team members. The guidance and experience they have gained from one another is priceless. British Columbians will wait with bated breath as they watch the pride of BC become the pride of Canada as they attempt to become champions at the Junior World Wheelchair Basketball Championship. All the very best to Jack and the entire wheelchair basketball fraternity of Canada.