Backyard BBQ

Corey Bonnar | Contributor

Oh September is here with a joyous return to our grounds,

Like spawning salmon in the fall back for another year round,

The BBQ has fired up, time to welcome back old and new,

It is said we need a ticket, but from where, from who?

NUGSS office of course, our favourite student group,

All the right people doing time to keep us in the loop,

But what’s this $20 bucks, is this price not too steep?

I’ve just paid my tuition and for new books that aren’t cheap!

Gone are the days when students came for free,

Must be cursed by financial ghosts, so now there is a fee,

Oh well, it’s surely worth it, Friday night will be alive,

Until the night of the event when I’m told a beer pass is another $5,

How could this be? At my age to make such an error?

Unceremoniously refused, told to beat it, they don’t care,

As I sulked back into all ages with no beer, no chair,

I wondered if it was my clothes, my smell, or my hair?

Oh well, I’ve got live music, I really can’t be that sad,

And a hotdog for a buck, heck that ain’t so bad!

Sure I’m stuck on the inside of this cage, like a refugee or a rat,

At least I’ve got a new lanyard and a really snazzy hat!

Yet soon the night grows long as I make puppy eyes through the fence,

Not adopted, but I still have 100 bones and can drive without consequence.