Annual ColdSnap Music Festival

For those of you who have been enjoying the fishbowl life that is the university this year, the reminder that there exists an entire city at the bottom of the hill is likely to come as a shock. On campus events are often so bountiful that the idea of even leaving our palace of beer, academia and miserly cafeteria food seems offensive at best. Ha, just kidding, y’all are too lazy to figure out the Prince George transit schedule. While the usual holy trinity of dance clubs downtown do definitely have their places in the hearts of our dance frenzied youth, we at Over the Edge do implore you to venture forth as the brave adventures you know yourselves to be in your hearts of hearts and check out the ColdSnap Festival. The ColdSnap festival spans the better part of two weeks and is chock a block full of musical acts that are both delicious to your ears and nutritious to your soul, sort of like sound broccoli with cheese sauce. Not like sound broccoli but equally delicious is the beer you can buy at most of the events. Essentially, the information that is being poured into your eyeholes as the catch this light be this, dear reader: amazing, talented musicians, nights out, beer, friends, and PeeGee culture. All that and a bag of chips! Plus, you’ll get to see acts before they make it big, as is the case with past attendees who were lucky enough to see Dan Mangan, Said the Whale, Aiden Knight, Brasstronaut, Hannah Georgas, Delhi 2 Dublin, Linda McRae and Hey Ocean! [Editor’s note: Ben’s favourite ColdSnap artists were Rachelle Van Zanten and Joel Plaskett] This will earn you bragging rights with all of your snooty hipster friends, as well as those who potentially just earnestly like music. Huzzah!!! ColdSnap is probably the premiere winter festival in Northern BC, and missing out during your time at UNBC is grounds for some hardcore sadness. Door costs range from free to about $30. Over The Edge and CFUR will be attending all of the events, so make sure to stop by and say hello! You might wind up with your picture in our next issue.

Beneath is included a fairly simplified schedule of the proceedings, but for any additional information you need only wander over to the ColdSnap website, or their Facebook page.

Tuesday, January 22: Local Artist Showcase ,7:00 pm at the ArtSpace

Wednesday, January 23: Strings and Things (Virtuoso Vocals & Guitar), 7:30 pm at the ArtSpace Thursday, January 24: Beards and Bards (Singer-Songwriters) 7:30 pm at the ArtSpace

Friday, January 25: Folk Fusion (Traditional Folk with Jazzy Celtic) 7:30 pm at the PG Playhouse Saturday, January 26: Danse, Danse, Danse (French-Canadian Folk),7:30 pm at the Ramada Ballroom.

By Jordan Tucker