Alex Burrows – Too little too late?

Alex Burrows – Too little too late?

By Brady Stark

On a team riddled with underachievers in the scoring department, one player has reigned supreme. Alex Burrows of the Vancouver Canucks has gone 40 regular season games without registering a single goal. Due to injuries, Burrows has not been able to play the full schedule, but when he has played he has had a plethora of chances on which he hads been unable to capitalize. He registered 75 shots before finally finding the back of the net. Since scoring two goals on 12 March, Burrows has been on a bit of a hot streak. He has amassed three more in the following three games, and one can only hope that this streak continues. Has his scoring touch arrived too late to help the Vancouver Canucks secure a playoff spot this season?

Between 2009 and 2012, Alex Burrows averaged 30+ goals a season. In the 2012-­2013 season he scored 13 goals, but he only played 47 games in another season riddled with injuries. Now, Burrows is on track for fewer than ten goals for the first time since the 2006-2007 season.

On a team that has been starved for offence, their once reliable workhorse has been absent. Some of the futility in scoring can be attributed to his linemates struggling almost as much as he is. Burrows has been bounced around from line to line as John Torterella has tried to find some chemistry in order to promote some much needed offence from him. This line juggling that has been going on for much of the season has been for naught due to the fact that many other players, such as the Sedins, are having career lows in points.

The effort has been there all season but Burrows has finally found the scoring touch that he has shown in past seasons; unfortunately, it just might be too little, too late. The Vancouver Canucks are fighting for the final wildcard spot in the West with the Winnipeg Jets, the Dallas Stars and the Phoenix Coyotes. The lack of scoring throughout the season has put the Canucks in a spot they have avoided since 2008. Burrows might be showing up, but he was expected to do so all season long, and his lack of points is a key contribution to why the Canucks are looking from the outside in.