Why advertise with us?

Whatever your business, no matter where you are located, whether you sell a product or provide a service, the university is a great platform to present your company. Students are developing their buying habits now, and these habits are kept for years, even after graduation. When a student is satisfied with a product or service that they receive, they will advise other students of their discovery. Over the Edge is also ready by the faculty and staff members of UNBC in communities all around Northern BC. During the fall, winter and spring sessions there are approximately 4,200 full time and part time students, and 500 faculty and staff on campus. Over the Edge circulates 900 copies every two weeks not only to UNBC Prince George campus and to key locations around the community, but to each regional campus as well. Members of UNBC and the community refer to our Twitter and Facebook to gain recommendations and stories about local businesses and events.


For local ad inquiries, please contact Over the Edge at ote-publisher@unbc.ca