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Adrian Quits

Adrian Quits

by Kelley Ware

BC politics experienced an upset recently. NDP party leader Adrian Dix decided to step down on 18 September 2013, months after a surprising defeat in the May election. Speculation as to what Dix would do has been occurring for months, and according to the CBC, he left the legislature in July. He claimed to need time to reflect on the political failure of the NDP. The CBC quoted Dix as stating that the failure to win the last election was his own. “It has become clear to me that the best interests of our party mean that I need to step aside for a new leader, who can lead us to victory in 2017,” said Dix.

Dix hopes that a new leader will allow the party to rebuild and move forward. Renewal may be needed for a successful NDP provincial campaign in 2017. Dix will stay on until another leader is chosen sometime between now and mid-2014; leaving him still at the helm of the BC NDP for several more months.