Acclaimed and Shamed

Corey Bonnar | Contributor


Hello fellow students! First off, thank you for being so apathetic. What an honour to throw my name in the hat and be acclaimed. Honestly, I’m disappointed. In who, with what, you ask? I’m disappointed in the student body, more specifically the student governance, also known as the current student leadership at UNBC.

The whole reason I decided to put my name forward for a seat on the Senate was because I wanted to be involved and experience the process, even if my efforts didn’t get me elected. I was so looking forward to having a special photo shoot with my Mickey Mouse doll, my favourite cardigan, and my Olympic mittens. I was eagerly planning where I would splash my glamour posters all over campus. I was excited for a live debate and an election campaign. I was going to get t-shirts made saying “Vote for Corey,” and was even considering shaving my luscious locks. But to my dismay, I was not even given the opportunity, and instead was unceremoniously acclaimed by an apathetic student body.

On February 27 at 9:29 am, I received an email from the current NUGSS President inviting me to vote in the NUGGS election, but unfortunately, because I work and have other obligations, I didn’t read the email until 5 pm that day, meaning I could no longer participate in the process. One email. Did I miss all of the leadership engagement in the months leading up to the vote? Why was there no opportunity to vote in person? Where are the statistics on who participated and who was elected? Why has no information been shared? Who is responsible for this stuff? I think I saw one poster on the ground. Was there an email I missed listing the candidates and the positions along with some info on issues and platforms?

I was sorry to hear after the fact, that there may have been a lunch hour all candidates’ presentation with some elevator speeches. Could there not have been more than one opportunity? If not, at least it could have been recorded, shared, and broadcast on the radio? Pretty rich to read a little yellow pamphlet describing the disgust one of our current NUGSS representatives has for the student body, and his frustration with the acclaimed leaders who obviously have no right or legitimacy to call themselves student leaders. What a shame. A little after the fact, don’t you think? How about looking in the mirror and asking what you may have done better as a current student leadership representative to engage the student body in the process. I would argue the current leadership has to take some responsibility for creating the student apathy plaguing the campus, just like they have a responsibility to create engagement.

How about the apathetic NUGSS Annual General Meeting where only one question was asked, and not answered before the meeting finished 20 minutes before the pizza arrived? I’m glad I showed up to participate and ask a question. This whole year has been disappointing. From the dismal Backyard BBQ, to the dissolving of the UNBC Debate Society after the first 3 weeks, to the one meeting held as a member of the Board for Over The Edge Newspaper; I’m still waiting for the Chairperson to call another meeting.

And the Thirsty Moose Pub, coming from someone who supports the pub with a mortgage payment in beer each month, there is only so much one person can drink! It has been proven that on Karaoke nights when I sing, drink sales increase by 25 percent. How about spending a few dollars on advertising, consider adding hot wings to the menu, and having events on weekends to give students on campus more reasons to go? Or show up and sing a song! I know what the place can do, I used to work there when it first opened, and we always had cool events and excitement happening at the pub.

This university has manifested apathy by way of disengagement and lack of effective leadership. So before you get on your high horse saying you’re sick and tired of trying and shaming us, reconsider whether or not you have given it your best effort to get the student body engaged. And thank you again for your encouraging words to the lowly acclaimed, we appreciate all of your support. But honestly, I’m disappointed. We know you could do better. Shame on you.