A Happy Ending

Colin Slark | Editor In Chief

Some stories do end happily. After visually impaired student Shea Anker had her Braille Sense device, which allows Shea to type and read the results in Braille, stolen along with a few other things from her locker earlier this month, the Prince George community has come through to help her. The replacement cost for a Braille Sense device like the one Anker had has a retail cost of nearly $6,000 USD. She might have been able to get the provincial government to help her purchase a new device, but it was uncertain. After all of Prince George’s news sources reported on the story, word of Anker’s plight reached many ears.

A project on gofundme.com set a goal to raise $6,000 to help Anker buy a new device, but as of when this article was being written, had surpassed the $10,000 mark in a week with 94 people chipping in. One individual, Rory Henry, donated $5,000 by themselves. After the disheartening theft of her belongings, Anker says that this outpouring of support has “[Reaffirmed] my faith in the goodness of humanity.” Anker would like to thank everyone who has helped her, and is looking forward to getting a new Braille Sense – and maybe a couple new accessibility devices if there is money left over.