A Baby by Any Other Name



A Baby by Any Other Name

 Nicole Halseth, News



As conflict abounds and tensions continue to rise worldwide, the international community has been dealt a slightly less than unexpected bundle of joy in the form of Prince George. Son of the recently titled Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, whose wedding on 29 April, 2011, sparked an international media frenzy, this little newborn has already merited a headline or two of his own.


Born on July 22nd in Kensington Palace, the event itself was kept somewhat quiet in comparison to the attention garnered by the royal family in previous years. However, pictures of the happy family, taken by what one can only presume is an equally happy grandfather, have recently been made available. Naturally, they have spread like wildfire and are already spurring international debate and speculation. Baby Prince George, according to his admittedly exhausted looking father Prince William, is of course “extremely good looking”. I am sure we can expect great things from him in the future.


Now, why exactly should residents of our lovely city, and indeed students here at UNBC, spare a thought to this new ‘royal baby’?  First and foremost, because of the inevitable plethora of puns and royal jokes inherent in our same name situation. It is practically a gold mine, and face it, opportunities this good just do not happen every day. We are a lucky, lucky city. Or he is a lucky, lucky baby, depending on how you view it.


Second, because our illustrious mayor Shari Green appears to have extended an unofficial invitation for little Prince George to visit, especially during the upcoming February 2015 Canada Winter Games. Should the Duke and Duchess ever actually take up this invitation, it would mean the first royal visit since the couple last popped by during their post-wedding international tour. Above and beyond the natural boost to the local economy and our image this would garner, it is very likely the royal family would swing by UNBC, as one of the larger sites of interest in the city. Meaning, you the student may get a chance to see members of the royal family in person, maybe shake their hand, even. And how cool would that be, really?


So the next time you see coverage of little baby Prince George on the news, or floating across the social media site of your choice, give it the respect it deserves. Because one day, Prince George may be in Prince George.