A & A Gourmet

Located beside the Bank of Montreal on 15th and Central, A & A Gourmet is only a five minute drive or
ten minute bus ride away from UNBC. Open until 8:00 pm on weekdays and 9:00 pm on Saturdays and
Sundays with no reservation necessary, this burger bar makes for a great socializing spot for families and
students alike. With a classic décor of bright red vinyl booth seats, black and white checkered flooring
and songs such as “Rescue Me” by Aretha Franklin playing throughout your meal, the 60’s throwback
can be appreciated by both the nostalgic and the youthful. With a specialization, naturally, in burger
and sandwich-type meals, A & A manages to add their own touch to the classic combination of meat
and bun. A large selection of 100% free-range local Black Angus beef burgers can be found on their
menu, with colourful names such as the “Triple Bypass” which wears the nickname of the “1 lb. triple
threat” and the “Firehouse” for those who like their burgers hot and spicy. If beef isn’t your thing, the
delicious “Mediterranean” burger with roasted red pepper basil mayo, feta cheese, cucumbers, purple
onion, tomato and lettuce can be replaced with a chicken breast. Vegetarians don’t fear! There are
several salads to choose from that are made or can be altered to please your dietary choices, not to
mention the “Veggie” burger that comes with “all the fixins’”. For those that make up the celiac or vegan
percentile, there are gluten-free options on the menu for the former but sadly not too many options
for the vegan. That being said, the fun and laid-back atmosphere of A & A Gourmet should be appealing
enough for the occasional, if not regular, dine-in experience for all. For those of us who can’t go a day
without something sugary (welcome to my life) the extensive selection of giant five-dollar milkshakes
should keep you inspired for many a visit. From pomegranate to chai tea spice, the forty plus milkshake
flavours don’t fail to impress. Once you are finished your meal (and dessert!), make sure to check out
their old-fashioned candy store with goodies such as Jawbreakers and Pearson’s Mint Patties, located
across from the dining area. Particularly appealing to the ever-constrained student budget, A & A offers
a 20% student discount with the show of your student ID so now there is no good excuse for you not to
try their tasty food for yourself!

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