No Picture

Nov 21, 2012

Members present: Shelley, Randy, Geoff, Justin, Fraser, Jordan, Ben, Hanna, Leila and Gala (Behrooz connected via teleconference) Note Taker: Gala Editorial changes put to vote: Abstained: Guest: Neil Coyne 5:38 meeting starts Referendum passed! Neil […]


Grad Student Spotlight

Name:  Geoffrey Charles de Ruiter III (I added the III to make myself seem more interesting) Age:  29 (Honestly 29, not “29”) Program: PhD in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies 1. Who is Geoff de Ruiter? […]


Visiting Scholar

Lorna Carson, an Assistant professor at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, has been at UNBC for 2 months out of her 6 month sabbatical studying language and linguistics in the Prince George community. She is […]