10 tips for a “greener” way of life

In the spirit of UNBC’s Green Day here are 10 easy “eco” tips that can help you save both money and the environment:

1. Turn off your computer – you can save an average of $90 of electricity per year and help your computer to have a longer shelf life.

2. Stop idling – idling for more than 10 seconds wastes more gas than is needed for start-up!

3. Turn down the thermostat – even if it’s only a degree or two lower you’ll save between 1 and 3% of your heating bill.

4. Wash in cold water – skip the 90% of energy used by the washing machine that goes into heating and switch to cold.

5. Print on both sides – unless specified most teachers will accept papers that have been printed on both sides so take advantage of the money and paper that you can save.

6. Pay bills online – by enrolling in online bill-paying options you’ll save money on stamps, late fees and trees.

7. Carpool – if public transit, walking or biking are not options for you, save on gas and money by arranging a system of carpooling with those you know who have a similar destination to yours.

8. Switch cleaning products – opt for cleansers that use biodegradable or naturally-derived ingredients to reduce your unnecessary exposure to toxins and to avoid harming marine life (easy replacements: baking soda and vinegar!)

9. Avoid plastic bags – if you know you will be coming home with groceries or any other goodies bring reusable bags with you.

10. Use reusable containers – instead of packaging in Ziploc bags or Saran Wrap try to pack food in plastic or glass containers whenever possible.

By Gala Munoz