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TEDxUNBC Call For Speakers

Posted by on May 11, 2017 in Arts, Culture, UNBC | 0 comments

Sam Wall | Editor In Chief   This past Monday, the call was put out for speakers for TEDxUNBC. The event, occurring on September 30th, will take inspiration directly from TED and other similarly inspired events, called TEDx. The theme for UNBC’s conference will be dispelling misconceptions, giving speakers the opportunity to demonstrate what Prince George has to offer. The conference will be the first of its kind at UNBC. The goal of TEDxUNBC is to highlight the incredible talent and knowledge held within UNBC and the wider Prince George community. The theme of dispelling misconceptions is a fitting one, as residents are quite familiar with the common of misconceptions of their city. From most dangerous city in Canada to daily pulp mill smells, residents are used to pointing out the benefits of Prince George, such as exciting research being done at UNBC or ease of access to wilderness and outdoor recreation. TEDxUNBC will be an excellent opportunity for anyone who is passionate about their university and city community to share it with the world. Grant Bachand, President and Curator of TEDxUNBC says “TED is such an important part of our world these days. UNBC is a leader too. It only makes sense that we would organize a TED-like event using the TEDx platform...

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BC Provincial Election #TheClimateTalk

Posted by on Apr 29, 2017 in Culture, News | 0 comments

Tierney Watkinson | News Director   As our next Provincial Election approaches, youth of BC are raising questions about the future of the environment, and asking voters to go to the polls with the fate of that future in mind. A video has been circulating Facebook featuring Canadian youth speaking to their families about the importance of voting with the issue of climate change as their main concern, as well as encouraging other voters to do the same. “Sit your family down or call them up. Have #TheClimateTalk.” The video was created by the Wilderness Committee. “The Wilderness Committee, founded in 1980, is a registered non-profit society with charitable status…Canada’s people-powered, citizen-funded wilderness protection group,” their website says. Over The Edge was contacted by Peter McCartney, Climate Campaigner for the society. “#TheClimateTalk came out of a number of conversations I’ve had with my own parents over the years, who weren’t exactly receptive to the climate change issue,” McCartney writes. He came to realize that making the issue of climate change a personal issue, rather than a distant problem, made his parents much more receptive and he now has their full support. McCartney, only 25 himself, is hoping that the video he and his group have created will help others to initiate climate conversations between...

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UNBC Drama Club Presents: Peter Pan and Wendy

Posted by on Apr 3, 2017 in Arts, Culture | 0 comments

Tierney Watkinson | Team Member   Join the UNBC Drama Club as they delve into the world of Neverland in their upcoming show, Peter Pan and Wendy! If you, like me, love JM Barrie’s original story then you do not want to miss this Doug Rand stage adaptation. Be prepared to laugh along with this comedy adventure as Wendy and her little brothers follow the whimsical Peter into Neverland. Let the extremely talented UNBC Drama Club transport you into...

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UNBC Musicals: Another Year

Posted by on Mar 29, 2017 in Arts, Culture, UNBC, Volume 23 | 0 comments

Tierney Watkinson | Team Member   Another year has come and gone for UNBC’s Musical Productions group. As I write this, we have four more shows to perform. Last week, we had a few glitches with the set during our first show but the musical has really come together. This week of shows will be our best yet. For this article, painfully aware that I am still neglecting to mention a number of members who also worked tirelessly to...

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Coming Home

Posted by on Mar 28, 2017 in Poetry | 0 comments

Sarah Green | Contributor She sinks further Into the abyss. No chance of return. She floats Further from reality. Until she sees him. She sees his face, His smile, The way he laughs. She sees the way He looks at her. Like she is the only one He will ever want. She comes back To reality, Into his arms. She is safe. She is...

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NUGSS/Senate/BOG Election

Posted by on Mar 28, 2017 in UNBC | 0 comments

Colin Slark | Editor in Chief The votes are in for the 2017 NUGSS Board elections and it seems that undergraduate students are looking to put in place oversight for their student government. Erik Searle, who proposed the concept of an oversight board to student at last month’s Extraordinary General Meeting in response to last year’s news about financial mismanagement and large debts the society has incurred, defeated outgoing Associate Director of Events and antiOversight Board candidate David Schroeter...

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